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Dream Cakes Inc. specializes in gorgeous and delicious custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies and desserts. Every baked good is made from the finest and freshest ingredients, like whole eggs, fresh fruits and pure vanilla extract and is free of preservatives, fillers and short cut ingredients. The Dream Cakes team takes pride in the fact that they take the time to prepare their desserts from scratch and they prepare each one specifically to your tastes and specifications.

Each one is unique and freshly made for your special event. We work individually with our customers in a comfortable and homey setting to create a unique and delicious dessert made especially for your event. We get to know our customers during their one on one consultation. It's at this time they are able to peruse photos of our unique creations, taste our wonderful cakes and fillings and discuss their wants and needs.

Edit Faris is a self-taught baker and cake designer. Her baking ambitions started in her Grand Mother's kitchen as a little girl in Hungary. As she grew older, both reading and dreaming about exotic ingredients and flavors as a teenager ignited her passion for the culinary arts. Edit and her Dream Cakes team have a strong desire to please others palates and sensibilities, they do this by creating beautiful, artistic and delicious delights.

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