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A custom cake makes an enormous contribution to your wedding or other special event. It serves as a symbol of the event, creates a centerpiece and focal point for your serving table, provides a backdrop for memorable photographs, and gives enjoyment to young and old.

With all the cooking and baking shows on television these days, you might be thinking that making a cake is quick and easy. Not so for a custom cake. Even the simplest custom cake takes a minimum of 12 to 15 hours, with multiple stages involved to get just the right look and taste. Complicated designs can take numerous stages over many days to achieve the desired outcome. Remember, those TV shows have to be edited down to fit their prescribed time slots. Dream Cakes bakers spend the time needed to ensure that your cake exceeds your expectations.

While those TV shows may make it look simple, baking a high-quality custom cake is actually a very involved process.  Custom cakes require a baker who has the experience to ensure consistent high quality. They require a consultant who can elicit the necessary information to design a cake that meets your needs, and who is committed to maintaining contact with you and keeping you reassured throughout the process.  They require an artist who can execute decorative designs to perfection. They require decision making, critical thinking, and adherence to tight time constraints. In some cases, we even need to be engineers—we have to construct multi-tier cakes that look gorgeous and, at the same time, have a sturdy structure that will stand up to delivery, slicing, and serving.

The cakes on those television shows won’t hold up in the real world. Our cakes do. Here at Dream Cakes, we are skilled in determining what you want in a cake and how we can bring your vision to a delectable reality. We maintain contact with you throughout the planning period to reassure you and respond to any changes in your plans. Our cakes are customized to your specific needs, and we don’t squeeze preparation into a limited time slot.

Contact us to find out what we can do that television bakers don’t!  We want to help you celebrate your special event, and to add the sweetest touch to your perfect day.

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