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Edit Faris, a self taught baker and cake designer started her baking ambitions in her grandma's kitchen as a little girl in Hungary. Reading and dreaming about exotic ingredients and flavors as a teenager ignited her passion for the culinary arts. This desire to please others palates with the delights of sweets and the artistic passion for the visual appeal creating holiday deserts at a young age helped her enthusiasm continue to grow.

She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business but her interest for physical health provided a path as a certified fitness trainer and natural healing enthusiast. Edit combined her understanding of natural ingredients and health conscious devotions with the love of baking to expand her knowledge in the kitchen. Natural ingredients in her cooking and baking led to a solid conviction that health can be maintained while continuing to satisfy the sweet tooth we all have. Yes - you can have your cake and eat it too.

Her creative passion for cake design was discovered with her 4-year old son's birthday cake request that led to continued studies of the arts and the beginning of Dream Cakes Inc.®. Since then she has learned from renowned cake designers such as Maisie Parrish, Debbie Brown, Toba Garret and Nicholas Lodge to broaden her knowledge from the best.


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