The Taste of Success – Yum!

A custom cake has become the centerpiece of wedding tables and other special event settings, and the taste of your signature cake is just as important as its appearance.  If the cake isn’t delicious, your guests will be disappointed. With a cake from Dream Cakes, your guests will be raving about both the appearance and taste of your beautiful cake.  Dream Cakes provides both a stellar-looking centerpiece and a delectable treat for your guests.

A custom cake is designed to your taste – literally and figuratively.  When ordering a custom cake, a tasting appointment is critical if you have a specific combination in mind. A tasting appointment lets you choose the cake flavor and filling flavor that suits you and your event setting or decorations. Of course, if you’d rather let us bake a terrific cake for you without the need for a tasting, you can count on all our cakes to have great flavor and looks.

For large events, such as weddings and family reunions, you will probably want to participate in a tasting. Schedule your cake tasting appointment to take place four to six months before the date. You’ll need to call about ten days to two weeks ahead so you will be sure to get your preferred time slot. But we at Dream Cakes know that things don’t always go according to plan – if you discover you need to schedule sooner, we will be happy to work with you to arrange a convenient time. Tastings usually take one to one-and-a-half hours.

Before you call, you can take some steps to make our meeting most effective. Here are some things you can do ahead of your tasting appointment to prepare for it:

  • Check our Dream Cakes website to see our most popular cake and filling flavors. Decide which of those flavors you’d like to try.
  • If you have specialized flavors you want to taste, flavors not listed on the website, discuss your choices with us when you call to schedule.
  • Decide which of our tasting options you prefer, Baker’s Choice or Bride’s Choice.  The Baker’s Choice appointment features two popular cake flavors, three filling flavors, and three different kinds of icing. This option is free. The Bride’s Choice appointment features any two cake flavors and three filling flavors from our menu range, as well as three different kinds of icing. This option costs $25, but we’ll apply it to the cost of the cake when you book with us.
  • Check schedules of the individuals who will be involved with the cake purchase so the necessary people will be on hand to make a decision. For example, if the bride’s father will be paying for the wedding, he may want to participate in the tasting. However, limit your tasting to only the necessary people – don’t bring your whole wedding party or you’ll never be able to reach a decision! We can accommodate up to four people at tastings.
  • Set a budget for your cake and determine some basic characteristics of your event, such as how many people will be there. When you call to set your appointment, we can give you a reasonable budget expectation based on the number of guests and other event characteristics.
  • Decide the color choice or theme for your event, if any. Although the tasting is primarily to decide flavors, you’ll want to discuss overall cake design while you’re here.

Once you collect the information about your event, Contact us to schedule your cake tasting. Don’t worry, your Dream Cakes consultant will work with you every step of the way to make arranging for your cake one of the easiest and most enjoyable tasks of your event planning. We love the excitement of cake tasting appointments and know you will, too.

You can find out more about our cake tasting appointments in our Frequently Asked Questions website section. Check back here for our next blog article, which will talk about ideas of what you’ll want to bring with you to your cake tasting, and how to incorporate it as a fun part of your event planning.



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