Choosing a Cake Table Location

You know the saying: The devil is in the details. One detail for a special event that features a special cake is where to put the cake. You’ll want your cake location to be convenient for your guests, to showcase your custom cake, and to provide protection for the cake itself. 

Here are a few tips for choosing the best cake table location:

  • Arrange for service. Custom Dream Cakes cakes aren’t just gorgeous to look at – they’re also delicious. On your cake table, remember to leave room for serving your cake. You will need plates and utensils, of course, but you may also want to leave space for precut cake slices once you are ready to serve your guests.
  • Consider convenient access. You will probably want to place a person near the cake table to serve or handle any mishaps during your event, so choose a location that offers space beside or behind the table. You’ll also want to make cake location convenient and accessible for your guests – while still keeping it protected from crowds and activities.
  • Think about temperature.  If your event is outdoors, temperature can be especially critical, so let your Dream Cakes representative know ahead of time so you can make appropriate arrangements. Even indoors, however, temperature is an important and variable factor. Avoid a location near hot lights or heater vents, and check with venue personnel to ensure the air conditioning will have cooled the room to below 75° before the cake is delivered.
  • Check the lighting. You want your guests to be able to see your cake easily, and you want your cake to show up well in photographs. If you have an option to place the cake in a location with adjustable dimmer switches, that can often be the best solution for lighting needs.
  • Make sweet music. If you plan to have a disc jockey or live band, locate your cake away from the booth or stage. A little distance will be more comfortable for your guests as they pick up a piece of cake, and will benefit your cake as well. Believe it or not, vibrations from music can shake a cake to its core. You don’t want the cake dancing before you do!

Most of all, choose a cake table location that pleases you. Your custom cake is designed especially for you and your event. It will brighten up any space you choose.

Contact us to discuss your custom cake and ask questions about locating your cake table.  We add the sweetest touch to your perfect day!


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