Cake Delivery – Smooth as Buttercream Icing

Cake delivery is one of the most enjoyable aspects of a baker’s job. We get to meet new people, appreciate beautiful decorations, and see our cake in the setting it was meant for. As most custom cake bakers do, Dream Cakes handles delivery and setup of special event cakes if requested. We deliver cakes about two hours before your event so we can ensure everything is in place when you need it.

There are several things you can do to make delivery and setup of your cake go smoothly:

  • Give us solid directions to your event. Here at Dream Cakes, we are familiar with most event venues in the area and can get to them easily. But we still need to confirm location and, in most cases, identify which room of the facility will house your event.
  • Make sure we have current and accessible contact information. For example, we may have the brides’ phone number in our file, but she will probably be busy just before the wedding. We need to be able to reach several people involved in room setup.
  • Prepare your cake table. Large cakes are heavy, and when we get them set in place they are difficult or impossible to move. Have your table prepared for us with any linens, centerpieces, and decorations so we can position your cake in the best spot.
  • Make sure the venue is open and cool. This one is critical. We will arrive about two hours before your start time, so check with venue personnel to ensure that the room will be open and someone will be on site. The room must be cooled to below 75° by that time so we can set up the cake.

Our solid cake support structures, specialized knowledge, and extensive experience make the Dream Cakes delivery and setup process go quickly. Check back to read our next blog article for tips on choosing cake table location and preparing the table to receive your cake.

When you arrive, your cake will be waiting elegantly for you.

Contact us to discuss your custom cake and to find out more about our delivery and setup process.  We add the sweetest touch to your perfect day!


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